Delicious foods and traditions from the island of Gozo

Before you start your journey to the Gozo island, you must try to learn some important things about the traditions that you’re going to see here and you must also get yourself acknowledged about the delicious foods that you must try in this island because there are so many attractive and interesting things in this beautiful island that once you reach there, you won’t be able to decide that what things you should try and what you should skip. Click here and see some detailed information about the traditions of Gozo island.

Therefore, you must prepare a proper plan of activities and things that you are going to try in this island so that you may not feel disappointed after coming back from the island if you missed trying some important activities there. In fact, the best way of traveling to a new and strange place is to learn everything about that place before going there. You can either take help from the residents of that place or you can also ask your friends that have been there before.

Fortunately, you’ll find the important information about all the delicious foods and traditions of the Gozo Island in this article. We’ll also share some more information in the future about several other activities that you can try in the Gozo Island but currently, we are just focused on defining the traditions and delicious foods that you must enjoy while you’re in the Gozo Island.


Village festa is the most popular tradition of Gozo Island. The tradition actually started around 5 centuries and it still is the most popular tradition in Gozo. A special feast is organized at different intervals where different locals get together to enjoy the feast. There are several animals and agricultural things that are included in this most respected feast. A traditional type of music is also played during this feast. The baptism is another local tradition of this island that is still celebrated here. This tradition usually takes place after the first birthday of the child. So, if you get the chance to attend this event, you should go for that.


The traditional food of the Gozo Island is really amazing. We recommend that you must visit the xlendi restaurant if you want to enjoy the interesting food on this island. There are several other restaurants on this island but we always recommend the xlendi restaurant to our visitors because the environment and the food served in this restaurant is really interesting. Fried fish and roasted beef are the most important foods that you must try at this restaurant. Click Here and see the detailed information about the delicious foods in the Island of Gozo.…