Delicious foods and traditions from the island of Gozo

Before you start your journey to the Gozo island, you must try to learn some important things about the traditions that you’re going to see here and you must also get yourself acknowledged about the delicious foods that you must try in this island because there are so many attractive and interesting things in this beautiful island that once you reach there, you won’t be able to decide that what things you should try and what you should skip. Click here and see some detailed information about the traditions of Gozo island.

Therefore, you must prepare a proper plan of activities and things that you are going to try in this island so that you may not feel disappointed after coming back from the island if you missed trying some important activities there. In fact, the best way of traveling to a new and strange place is to learn everything about that place before going there. You can either take help from the residents of that place or you can also ask your friends that have been there before.

Fortunately, you’ll find the important information about all the delicious foods and traditions of the Gozo Island in this article. We’ll also share some more information in the future about several other activities that you can try in the Gozo Island but currently, we are just focused on defining the traditions and delicious foods that you must enjoy while you’re in the Gozo Island.


Village festa is the most popular tradition of Gozo Island. The tradition actually started around 5 centuries and it still is the most popular tradition in Gozo. A special feast is organized at different intervals where different locals get together to enjoy the feast. There are several animals and agricultural things that are included in this most respected feast. A traditional type of music is also played during this feast. The baptism is another local tradition of this island that is still celebrated here. This tradition usually takes place after the first birthday of the child. So, if you get the chance to attend this event, you should go for that.


The traditional food of the Gozo Island is really amazing. We recommend that you must visit the xlendi restaurant if you want to enjoy the interesting food on this island. There are several other restaurants on this island but we always recommend the xlendi restaurant to our visitors because the environment and the food served in this restaurant is really interesting. Fried fish and roasted beef are the most important foods that you must try at this restaurant. Click Here and see the detailed information about the delicious foods in the Island of Gozo.…

Dieting tips if you want to stay gluten free

Celiac disease is a disorder of the small intestine. It stops the small intestine absorbing the nutrients in food which are essential for staying healthy. People diagnosed with the condition generally have to follow a diet free from gluten, which essentially means they have to avoid foods containing the grains wheat, rye and barley.

If eaten, these foodstuffs can cause a range of symptoms which vary from person to person. Some people may experience abdominal cramps and bloating while others may suffer from vomiting, weight loss and fatigue or weakness. Skin rashes or blisters are also a common sign of celiac disease. If you have recently been diagnosed with the disease, you may be struggling to get to grips with what kinds of foods you should be avoiding. Below are a few tips.

1. Bread and starchy foods Unfortunately, a celiac disease diet means you must avoid almost all bread and pasta which contain barley, wheat flours, and gluten flour. This includes breakfast cereals, especially muesli and cereals with oats. “Pure oats” are a definite gluten-free food. However, these are difficult to come across as oats come into contact with wheat in most foods. Foodstuffs containing rye, as well as pretzels and couscous are also ruled out. When it comes to rice, most forms of rice cakes and crackers are off your shopping list, although there are now some good varieties of gluten-free packaged rice available in supermarkets. Always check the ingredients on the packaging if you are unsure.

2. Meat and protein Meats are suitable for people following gluten-free diets. However, any meat dishes containing the flours mentioned above such as meatballs, or any meat in breadcrumbs should, of course, be avoided. Also to be avoided are processed meats such as sausages, frozen meats etc. as these usually contain some form of gluten.

3. Fruit and vegetables Like meat, fresh fruit and vegetables are also naturally gluten-free. However, if you buy ready prepared vegetables, for example, many will contain sauces or thickeners containing starches. Quitosana emagrece can be used if you get a bad case of cramps and are looking for the right supplement to help.  Frozen fruit and vegetables are also suitable for a gluten-free diet. When starting to integrate this diet into your lifestyle, many people overlook the care required to avoid contaminating gluten-free foods. Remember to clean worktops regularly to remove any traces of gluten, and you may even want to purchase a separate toaster for your own gluten-free bread.

Although living with the celiac disease can be a burden for many people, specialist food stores, as well as supermarkets, now have a wide range of labeled, gluten-free food available. Snack-size pots of celery and hummus or small packs of popcorn or corn chips make excellent gluten-free snacks.…

Pumpkin Sage Cake

Just last weekend, I was strolling around the farmers market not too far from here with my dear friends Nancy and Amber. We had such a nice time catching up, sharing our latest food triumphs and – as per usual – brainstorming a bit about recipe ideas and possibilities. It is so nice to be able to spend a warm, sunny afternoon with people who love food as much as I do. Afterward, we headed over to a local spot to grab a bite to eat. I came home satiated – body and mind. And in my arms I carried a plethora of market goodies. Nancy kindly brought me a little something from her garden: a gorgeous and elegantly wrapped bunch of herbs,  a share from the last from her summer crop.

Fast forward 6 days:  I am calf deep in snow running around my yard with my ridiculously insufficient-for-the-task-at-hand broom, attempting to remove the heavy wet snow from the sagging leafed-out maple trees. It was eerily quiet save the sound of C-R-A-C-K — one beautiful branch after the next falling to the ground. Our town has faired worse than Hurricane Irene. Which was pretty bad. But, that’s another story. Instead of curbside snowbanks deposited by passing plows, heaping towers of broken branches have been dragged toward the street awaiting bulk pick-up. It’s all part of nature but it’s still heartbreaking.

Alas, I had planned on baking over the weekend. I typically spend a few hours cooking on Sunday, getting ready for weekly dinners and such. But, we were without power. It got down to a brisk and unpleasant 55 degrees inside our house. In some kind of miracle, power was restored late last night. Many many other parts of New Jersey are still without power so we are feeling pretty grateful. I peeled off my layers before climbing into bed and woke up this morning to a functioning oven. So I baked. And then I enjoyed a slice of this cake with a cup of tea – – silently reflecting on how important it is not to take anything for granted.

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