About Us

Welcome! My name is Stephanie. I am a lover of family, food, laughter and the outdoors. And we, like many others, have been on a journey. Several years ago, my husband and I had reason to believe our son was temporarily allergic to gluten. So, we started cooking gluten free. It wasn’t until early 2008 that we received a proper diagnosis: celiac disease. Since his diagnosis, we have learned that my daughter and I have it, too. Looking back, it explains quite a bit actually.

As with any life-altering experience, this too has required a period of adjustment. As a avid cookbook collector, I found myself throwing quite a bit of what I’d known out the window. Not exactly starting from scratch but pretty close. How on earth do I actually create really delicious food without the gluten ? Food that I could take pride in sharing with others – even the non-celiacs?! This blog has become a chronicle of my culinary journey. This is how much I care about food. About my family. About what a privilege it is to create something in the kitchen that can be shared with the people you love.

Secondarily, and equally important in my opinion, is using as many local, seasonal, sustainable and organic ingredients to create food that is truly healthy and wholesome. Why should we miss out on the joy food brings to our lives just because we have a more limited diet? Sure, it takes a little bit more creativity. But, it’s really fun sampling new foods. And the end result is the same: trying to give your body as much nourishment as possible from the foods we CAN eat.

We are a family of sensitive individuals: None of us tolerate casein (cow, goat, sheep or otherwise). My son and daughter have a significant sensitivity to soy. And my son has both peanut and sesame allergies. Lastly, sugar is not such a good thing for anyone in our family, so we opt for more natural options if we use it at all.

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